« Moirures » is an object consisting of 3 panels decorated with a laser-cut pattern. The juxtaposition of the panels creates a moire effect and gradually conceals the user from the surrounding environment. These panels slide in a grooved wooden base and can be inserted on any side, which gives free rein to the imagination to create a whole range of different landscapes. The panels are cut in coloured Plexiglas to create a game of transparency and light. It is also possible to envisage an alternative with metal sheets like aluminium or stainless steel. An individual version with a 50cm base and a larger version with a 150cm base allow to arrange the panels in different orientations. The base of 150 cm has 3 parallel grooves which allow to slide the panels on the same plane and to create the moire effect. These screens can be used in any rooms of the house, including the garden. The versatility of the project « Moirures » allows the user to appropriate himself the object and to personalize it according to his desires. It is an open source project so the user can choose between different materials, colours, and even a variety of cutting patterns that will be available to vary the effects of shimmering.

« Moirures » is an oasis that allows you to get away from the surrounding environment and give wings to your dreams. The play of light and transparency captivate our eyes and we gradually let us go to a kind of passive meditation. The capacity to adapt to any room in the house, to be easily manipulated by young and old, and its versatile appearance, are all qualities that make « Moirures » an ally of choice when the time has come to get rid of the everyday life stress.