Radiators are essential elements of our daily life, it is present anywhere in the house without any attention being paid to it. However, it remains useless for more than half a year. The challenge was to assume the radiator as a beautiful object and expand its basic functions.

Eclipse is a wall sculpture inspired by the universe of the solar system. This volcanic stone with dark reflections catches our eyes and captive us. Equipped with high technologies, this radiator is brought to the center of our daily use and is committed to provide quality and comfort throughout the year.
This beveled mineral flagstone is made of a material derived from the vitrification of asbestos waste, a revolutionary recycling that makes it totally inert and harmless. Close to the obsidian aspect and presented as a black glass or a basaltic stone, this material is called Cofalit. In addition to these aesthetic characteristics and its very advantageous price, this material has incredible thermal and refractory capacities. He stores and then diffuses ambient heat for several hours through the house.

Composed of an intelligent remote control system that allow the user to manage the radiator through an App on his smartphone or tablet, Bluetooth speakers, LED lamp with a dimmer to adjust the light intensity, USB charging system and a jack plug 3.5mm, «Eclipse» is a satellite radiator around which gravitate new functions which bring it to the center of our daily life.