In January 2009, we were involved in a project directed by Pougues-Les-Eaux Contemporary Art Center to re-activate the Public Freehold Collection of Lawrence Weiner. Each participant had to choose one statement and re-interpret it.
« An explosion just near Aachen in Germany, to the common border between Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. »
I decided to translate this statement to a primary level and in a surrealist way. I took apart each word and I re-interpreted them. I took 3 cliches of each country named: emmental cheese for Netherlands, beer for Belgium and sausages for Germany and I made an explosion of them in front of a chapel (Aachen french traduction is Aix la Chapelle).

Workshop « Public Freehold Collection » of Lawrence Weiner, led by Brice Domingues
Exhibition in Contemporary Art Center of Pougues-Les-Eaux (58), february 2009.