PATINA – an evolving dining table and its stools

A dining table is a place where family meetings take place. It is a space of sharing, friendliness and hospitality, where different slices of life occurs. So it has a central place in our daily lives. Patina is not as any other dining table, it is a table that is changing and evolving over time, which is telling us a story, keeping the imprint of its users and emphasizing the most important instants of their lives. By keeping a memory of the gestures, Patina is a testimony of everyday life moments and an allegory of passing time.

Patina dining table is declined in 3 different patterns. The pattern is a wink to the origin of copper and its presence from the Middle East (Cyprus, Egypt) and Mesopotamia to Africa and South America (Chile). It is inspired by Moorish and Iberic patterns we can observe in the traditional ceramic tiles in North Africa, Central and South America and more closely in Southern Europe.
The copper surface is treated with an antioxidant sprayed through a stencil layer to protect the pattern parts from the treatment. So at the beginning the surface table remains perfectly polished and through the time and the uses, the pattern is revealed by oxidation of the copper.It acquires a soft almond green color which is caused by oxidation.